BBA in Digital Marketing (Distance Education) -Admission, College, Syllabus, Job Detail

BBA in Digital Marketing is an undergraduate course. It is a new generation management course. BBA is a general management covers basic foundation of management field .we can do BBA with any specialization too.for example BBA in Business Administration ,BBA in Healthcare Management,BBA in Finance etc ,these course cover basic foundation of management as well as focus on specific discipline along with it. Distance BBA in Digital Marketing is one of fastest growing specialization program mainly focus on field of Digital Marketing and also covers basic management subjects related to it.after completing Distance BBA in Digital Marketing you can do higher study MBA in Digital Marketing

you may ask “What is Digital Marketing?” so the answer is that this field covers various topics like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO(Social Media Optimization), SMM(Social Media Marketing), Lead Generation, E Mail Writing, web Analytics, word press, Web Designing, Graphics Design, Content Writing etc.

Distance BBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus

Sr. No. Sem I
1. Basics of Management
2. Communication Skills
3. Economics
4. Organizational Behavior


Sr. No. Sem II
1. Finance Management
2. Accounting
3. Business Communication
4. HR Management


Sr. No. Sem III
1. Basics of Digital Management
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Digital Design and Communication
4. SEO


Sr. No. Sem IV
1. Internet Technologies
2. Advertising
3. Data Mining
4. Data Analytics


Sr. No. Sem V
1. Web Design & Development
2. Content Marketing & Email Marketing
3. Mobile Marketing
4. Lead Generation


Sr. No. Sem VI
1. Business Laws & Ethics
2. Digital Marketing Laws
3. Project Management
4. Seminar



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