MA Courses Distance Education – Fees, Syllabus, Admission, Jobs Details

MA course distance education

Distance MA Courses Admission, Fees Structure, Syllabus, Colleges, Eligibility, Duration, Jobs Details

MA – Master of Arts (MA Courses Distance Education)

MA Courses Distance Education is an extremely popular postgraduate (PG) course for students, we can pursue MA Courses Distance Education after completing a bachelor degree. after BA or distance BA we can choose MA course with different streams, for more help you can check distance MA Courses list.

MA Courses Distance Education List in India

  • M.A. (Applied Arts)
  • M.A. (Applied Economics)
  • M.A. (Applied Education)
  • M.A. (Applied Linguistics)
  • M.A (Ancient Indian History)
  • M.A (Educational Communication)
  • M.A (Rural Planning & Development)
  • M.A. (Acharya)
  • M.A. (Adult Education)
  • M.A. (Advaita Vedanta)
  • M.A. (Advertising and Marketing Management)
  • M.A. (Ancient History)
  • M.A. (Ancient Indian History and Archaeology)
  • M.A. (Animation)
  • M.A. (Anthropology)
  • M.A. (Anti Terrorism Laws)
  • M.A. (Applied Psychology)
  • M.A. (Applied Yoga and Health)
  • M.A. (Arabic Language and Literature)
  • M.A. (Arabic)
  • M.A. (Archaeology)
  • M.A. (Art of Central Asia)
  • M.A. (Art of China and Korea)
  • M.A. (Art of Nepal and Tibet)
  • M.A. (Art of South East Asia)
  • M.A. (Assamese)
  • M.A. (Audio Visual Communication)
  • M.A. (Audiography)
  • M.A. (Bengali)
  • M.A. (Bharatanatyam)
  • M.A. (Biostatistics)
  • M.A. (Boro)
  • M.A. (Broadcast Communication)
  • M.A. (Broadcast Journalism)
  • M.A. (Buddhist Studies)
  • M.A. (Business Economics)
  • M.A. (Career Counselling)
  • M.A. (Child Care and Education)
  • M.A. (Chinese)
  • M.A. (Cinema and Television)
  • M.A. (Cinematography)
  • M.A. (Civil Services)
  • M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
  • M.A. (Co-operative Management)
  • M.A. (Commercial Art)
  • M.A. (Communication)
  • M.A. (Communication, Culture & Media)
  • M.A. (Communicative English)
  • M.A. (Comparative Dravidian Literature)
  • M.A. (Comparative Indian Literature)
  • M.A. (Comparative Literature)
  • M.A. (Comparative Religion)
  • M.A. (Computational Linguistics)
  • M.A. (Continuing Education Management)
  • M.A. (Convergent Journalism)
  • M.A. (Corporate Secretaryship)
  • M.A. (Counselling Psychology)
  • M.A. (Criminal Justice)
  • M.A. (Criminology and Criminal Justice)
  • M.A. (Criminology and Police Administration)
  • M.A. (Cultural Studies)
  • M.A. (Culture and Media Studies)
  • M.A. (Dance)
  • M.A. (Distance Education)
  • M.A. (Dramatics)
  • M.A. (Drawing and Painting)
  • M.A. (Defence and Strategic Studies)
  • M.A. (Defence Studies)
  • M.A. (Development Economics)
  • M.A. (Development Studies)
  • M.A. (Dharma Shastra)
  • M.A. (Diplomacy, Law and Business)
  • M.A. (Development Management)
  • M.A. (Econometrics)
  • M.A. (Economics & Rural Development)
  • M.A. (Education)
  • M.A. (Economics)
  • M.A. (English)
  • M.A. (European Art)
  • M.A. (European Languages)
  • M.A. (Education and French)
  • M.A. (English and Communicative Studies)
  • M.A. (English Language and Literature)
  • M.A. (English Language Teaching)
  • M.A. (English Literature and American Studies)
  • M.A. (English Literature)
  • M.A. (Environment & Ecology)
  • M.A. (Environmental Sciences)
  • M.A. (Extension & Development Studies)
  • M.A. (Extension and Communications)
  • M.A. (Extension Education & Rural Development)
  • M.A. (Extension Education and Social Work)
  • M.A. (Fine Arts)
  • M.A. (Folk Music)
  • M.A. (Fashion Retail)
  • M.A. (Fashion Design)
  • M.A. (Fashion Marketing)
  • M.A. (Fashion Merchandising)
  • M.A. (Fashion Retail Management)
  • M.A. (Film & TV Production)
  • M.A. (Financial Risk Management)
  • M.A. (Fine Arts and Painting)
  • M.A. (Folklore Studies)
  • M.A. (Food Nutrition)
  • M.A. (Foreign Trade Management)
  • M.A. (French)
  • M.A. (French/German/Hispanic/Italian Studies)
  • M.A. (Gujarati)
  • M.A. (Geology)
  • M.A. (German)
  • M.A. (Gandhian Peace and Rural Development Studies)
  • M.A. (Gandhian Philosophy)
  • M.A. (Gandhian Studies)
  • M.A. (Garment Production & Export Management)
  • M.A. (Gender and Development Studies)
  • M.A. (Gender Studies)
  • M.A. (Geo-Informatics)
  • M.A. (Geography)
  • M.A. (Good Governance & Public Policy)
  • M.A. (Governance and Development)
  • M.A. (Graphic Design)

MA Courses Distance Education Eligibility

The students applying for M.A. should have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and Minimum Marks Required: 45% to 50%, varies from college to college.

Jobs After MA Distance Education Courses

  • Home Tuitions
  • Schools Teacher
  • Museums
  • Private Tutors
  • Publisher
  • Coaching Centres
  • Education Consultancies
  • Education Department
  • Research and Development Agent


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