MBA in Digital Marketing (Distance Education) – Course, Admission, Syllabus

MBA in Digital Marketing is a post-graduate (PG) degree in management with a 2-year duration.the course is divided into 4 semesters.MBA in Digital Marketing program is also known as MBA in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, MBA in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics etc.In simple words, marketing is business of promoting and selling brands ,products or it can be any services. it can achieve via  advertising but Digital Marketing deals with online advertise ,online branding of product and services using any digital platform like Digital media , Social media and other digital medium.

In today’s Digital World, Digital marketing is very popular because now these days everyone is connected using social media ,digital media and many other platform.

Distance MBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus

Sr. No. Subjects
1. General marketing strategies
2. Principles of Management
3. E-commerce
4. Business Communication
5. Targeting and Positioning
6. Social media marketing
7. Brand Management
8. Marketing management
9. Internet Technologies
10. Basics of Digital Marketing
11. Web Design and Development
12. Website and UI Optimization
13. Content Marketing
14. Affiliate Marketing
15. B2B E-marketing
16. Mobile Marketing
17. SEO
18. Data Analytics
19. Data Mining
20. Lead Generation & E Mail Marketing
21. Project Management
22. Digital Media Laws
23 Laws & Guidelines

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